The Rise Of The Camera Phone.


I’m a big fan of iPhoneography- the art of shooting with a camera phone, although as a professional, I probably shouldn’t say that. There are many in my industry that raise an eyebrow at this entire concept, but for me, it has become an extremely useful tool in my arsenal.

There is a completely different skillset involved when using camera phones; for one, you are for the most part at a fixed focal length (some camera phones offer zooming capabilites, but the quality is pretty poor), so you quickly become aware of what you’ll capture even before you’ve pulled out your phone & lined up the shot. secondly,the flash units built into camera phones are pretty awful, so you find yourself constantly balancing the ambient light in the frame.
Professionally, iPhoneography is still in it’s infancy so i’m not expecting to sell a great deal of my work right now (if any), but at this point in time, that’s not how I am utilising it. The camera phone for me is a teaser tool, a means of dropping a quick frame from a shoot or location & feeding it into my social media channels to keep the followers interested & engaged.
I’ve been working hard over the previous year to build up my own hashtag on the EyeEm platform of “On-Location” which seems to be working well for this purpose, but going forward, I have no doubt in my mind that iPhoneography will be a feature to my revenue stream. I also find iPhoneography to be a very discreet method of shooting in certain social situations, as you’ll see below & going forward, I can see professional commissions being booked for that very reason.
So below, for your viewing pleasure are my fifty favourite frames of 2013. The top ten are first up with the rest in no particular order- Enjoy!


1. I spotted this group of pigeons congregating on the roof of my neighbour’s house one morning, East London.


2. My son Liam enjoying a bit of house music at home in East London.


3. This is the fire escape to one of the jeweller’s shops in Hatton Garden, London.

4 (2)

4. Passport control at Barcelona Airport, Barcelona, Spain.


5. I spotted these gents replacing their sign whilst sitting at a red light in Bethnal Green. Paradise it ain’t…


6. This was shot at dusk from the Emirates Air Line as a plane comes in to land at London’s City Airport. It just goes to show how much the quality of phone cameras have advanced. A year ago, I doubt i’d have been able to capture this frame.


7. This was shot whilst on a shoot in Halifax, Yorkshire. This is the footbridge leading to the railway station.


8. Up at the O2, Greenwich, South London. This is another example of how far cameraphone technology has advanced. This is a very heavy crop, yet there is still enough clarity in the frame (just about!).


9. My boy enjoying a hazy summer stroll through my local park, East London.


10. Silhouettes & shadows out shopping in Westfield, Stratford.

And in no particular order, here are the rest of my iPhoneography highlights of the year:

Photo 03-12-2013 09 08 40 am (1)

This is probably the most significant photograph i’ve taken this year as regards to my own journey. I was born in St. Bart’s Hospital just opposite this building & seventeen years later, it was the offices to the right of the sign where I began my photographic career for the Bl!nk Picture Agency, Smithfield, London.

Photo 01-12-2013 02 12 10 pm (1)

Camden Market, Camden, North London.

Photo 04-09-2013 11 28 05 am (1)

My boy (again!) getting his first haircut, Holloway, North London.

Photo 04-01-2013 08 38 49 PM

Reflections in a puddle, Victoria Park, East London.

Photo 07-08-2013 02 18 59 pm (1)

Love in the air, Farringdon, London.

Photo 07-11-2013 10 31 00 am (1)

Rememberance Sunday, King’s Cross Station, North London.

Photo 10-11-2013 02 51 38 pm (1)

I shot this early one morning whilst walking the dog, East London.

Photo 10-01-2013 01 48 38 AM

This was shot on-set at ITV’s This Morning, The London Studios, South London.

Photo 08-01-2013 05 00 41 PM

Christopher Columbus Statue, Las Ramblas, Barcelona, Spain.

Photo 14-08-2013 03 11 49 pm (1)

The production line at Guenther Bakeries, Banbury, Oxfordshire.

Photo 26-06-2013 06 09 24 pm (1)

This was from a summer party I shot in London’s West End. We were waiting on the special guest; model & actress Kelly Brook to arrive, but as is often the case, she was running late. I was so bored waiting, I took this shot of my own feet.

Photo 24-10-2013 11 51 47 am (1)

I spotted this stunning Lamborghini at the car wash just off busy Edgware Road, London whilst sitting at the lights. One thing about photographers is our brains are never switched off- we’re always aware of our surroundings scouting for future locations & looking out for the unusual.

Photo 25-08-2013 01 28 25 pm

The Marriott Hotel, Canary Wharf, East London.

Photo 20-08-2013 11 29 33 am (1)

This was from a potato farming shoot on the Elvenden Estate, Suffolk.

Photo 18-07-2013 09 13 50 pm

This was from a fantastic architectural project I undertook in Belgravia, West London.

Photo 15-08-2013 02 21 05 pm (1)

The one & only “selfie” included of me looking like a wally on a shoot at an abattoir in Norfolk.

Photo 20-11-2013 03 51 34 pm

Dusk at the gas works, East London.

Photo 22-08-2013 01 25 31 pm (1)

Lobster pots at Muddeford Quay, Christchurch, Dorset.

Photo 11-09-2013 01 15 33 pm (1)

This is from a shoot at the Lee Valley White Water Rafting Centre, Waltham Abbey, Middlesex.

Photo 27-09-2013 09 21 45 am (1)

News Slot, Westminster, London.

Photo 31-08-2013 01 30 35 pm (1)

Urban art, Shoredich, East London.

Photo 22-11-2013 12 52 44 pm

Mews house, Harley Street, London.

Photo 20-11-2013 09 01 59 am

I spotted this very skillful woman applying intricate eye makeup on a packed DLR train one morning. This is yet another example why i’m such a fan of iPhoneography ; discression. When i pulled my iPhone from my pocket, nobody batted an eyelid. If i’d have pulled out a professional camera, I would’ve surely caught her attention & missed the shot.

Photo 16-09-2013 10 17 39 am

This was from a shoot 1,500 feet above London’s Gatwick Airport.

Photo 12-10-2013 01 21 36 pm

Cookie Island, Gallion’s Reach, east London.

Photo 05-01-2013 12 04 39 PM

Hot Chocolate, East Ham, East London.

Photo 18-07-2013 11 25 23 pm

This was from a late night shoot at LBC’s studios in Leicester Square, London.

Photo 10-10-2013 10 12 55 am (1)

This was from a shoot for Children in Need at a studio in Old Street, London.

Photo 28-06-2013 12 56 58 pm

Fairy Lights, Tower Bridge, South London.

Photo 25-10-2013 01 14 36 pm (1)

One more from my shoot in Halifax, Yorkshire. I thought it was supposed to be grim up north?

Photo 27-07-2013 02 02 13 pm (1)

Last one of my boy from the same stroll around the park as above, East London.

Photo 25-07-2013 12 57 44 pm

I spotted this colour co-ordinated restaurant & motorbike in Charlotte Street, West London.

Photo 07-08-2013 03 53 53 pm (1)

Meat Mission- top end burger joint, Hoxton, East London.

Photo 04-09-2013 07 06 17 pm (1)

Dusk at the O2, Greenwich, South London.

Photo 12-12-2013 04 20 16 pm (1)

Dropping some grooves late one night, East London.

Photo 14-07-2013 11 34 19 am (1)

Summer stroll on the docks, East London.

Photo 10-01-2013 05 29 28 PM

Last one from my shoot in Barcelona, Spain. Not sure whom the statue was, but it made a pretty silhouette.

Photo 04-11-2013 02 38 17 pm (1)

Railway lines, Stratford, East London.

Photo 13-11-2013 07 51 39 am (1)

Dawn in Brixton, South London. This was from a shoot on the day of the budget at a”how to get hired” workshop for young adults.

Photo 30-06-2013 05 36 40 pm (1)

Last frame & we’re out with a smile- My loopy father-in-law Shay enjoying a spot of rum at a barbecue over the summer at my place, East London.

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed my look back at the year that was 2013 through the lens of my camera phone. Should you wish to see more examples of my iPhoneography or you’d like to keep up-to-date with my postings, feel free to click this EyeEm link & follow me.
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