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Following on from my last post ‘Trader Jo’, this was another hugely enjoyable feature story I shot for the Daily Express with my regular partner in crime Joanna Della-Ragione. We did a similar story last year following the standard ‘Masterchef’ format.
This time around, the pressure on Jo was that little bit higher as we stepped into the high-end world of ‘Masterchef : The Professionals’. The pressure was on from the get-go as the class were brought forward to the passe where top chef Monica Galetti ran them through the complex dish they were to attempt.
In front of them was the highly complex & delicate Sea Urchin.
Monica made it look very easy pulling together the dish in minutes before letting her guests have a go.
The first task for Jo was to extract the delicate meat from the sea urchin’s husk & prepare it. It sounds quite simple, but it was far from it with the sea urchin being particularly difficult to handle. At the second attempt, Jo felt she’d extracted enough meat for her dish.
Next up was to prepare the accompanying gazpacho soup. For such a simple sounding dish, there were a hell of a lot of ingredients on her bench…
Time was ticking on as the judges got into position. Monica & her boss; two Michelin-Starred Michel Roux Jr. looked over at our guys expectantly.
Jo finished her plate just in time & headed up to the passe to face the judges…
As soon as the plate was in front of the chefs, they instantly pulled up our girl for leaving fingerprints on the plate!
Thankfully once they tasted her grub, they thawed a little agreeing that she’d done a pretty good job.
Monica even went in for a second mouthfull…
That certainly looks like an appetising dish to me.


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