Trader Jo


I have the great pleasure of being a regular contributor to the Daily Express newspaper’s Feature pages. The stories are always completely different & the story / images usually run really well in print, typically getting the ‘centre-spread’. This particular assignment had one of the journos running a stall at the busy Portobello Road Market.
I had a shout from the desk for the crack-of-dawn shoot with journalist Joanna Della-Ragione. Jo is one of a handful of feature journo’s from the Express I work with regularly & is always ‘on her game’. I arrived on a freezing Saturday morning just after 7am & she already had her stall set-up & ready for trading!
She’d got herself a plum spot right on the corner of the street to sell her wares.
Some two hours after I arrived,there were stallholders still setting up. I remember thinking to myself they’d never have stood for that in my native eastend when I was a kid- if your stall wasn’t up by 8am, you didn’t get a spot!
It was a slow start with the cold weather keeping everyone in their beds that lttle bit longer, but it soon picked up.
By 9am, the market was a hive of activity with people pouring in from all directions & rockin’ reggae spilling across the street from a nearby music stall.
The sales were coming in thick & fast now. Then finally Mr. Sunshine crept across the road & bathed our stall in warm rays & it was smiles all round.
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