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This is my very first blog, so let me introduce myself. I’m a professional photographer based in London. The majority of what I do is for the national newspapers & magazines that furnish the shelves of your local WH Smith. I LOVE what I do. I’m very privileged to be in the position i’m in, doing something that I absolutely love & I remind myself of that fact every day.

One of the major drawbacks of my industry, though is that the best photograph taken may not necessarily be the shot that makes it to print, often because of shape & colour constraints on the page. Typically, it’s the best picture that fits the slot that makes it to publication with the other, often better frames being left on the cutting room floor. It’s nobody’s fault, just the nature of the beast, although a hugely frustrating beast!

A few years back when I relaunched my website, I decided i’d do something about this & created ‘Image Of The Week’, my weekly choice of fave frame shot. This is a further outlet for that project. Below is this weeks’ entry, with a few extras thrown in- ENJOY!

‘Image Of The Week #14’

This week’s fave frame is of my son!

You’ll have to forgive my gushing here, but this is my first born child to which i’m very excited!

Also, as i’ve taken the past week-or-so off, he’s literally the only thing i’ve photographed in this time!

Liam James Lynch was born at 03:40am on Friday 30th March 2012 weighing in at a slight 6lb 3oz (He’s got some work to do catching up with his old man!). After a complicated 25 hour labour, our little bundle of joy finally arrived & after a week of tests & observations at the hospital, both mother and son are home safe & doing fine. Fun times ahead for us, methinks. I’ve already had my fair share of sleepless nights & smelly nappies!

Anyway, i’ve had my little work sabbatical & am back on the prowl, so feel free to call me for any bookings you might have. I’ve already pencilled in some interesting projects for the coming weeks, so watch this space for your regular fix of my favourite image of the week…

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