My ‘bread & butter’ is shooting press & portraiture, although my work spills into many other styles & genres of the business. One of those subgenres of photography that i’ve found myself shooting a lot of as of late is food. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable & rewarding thing to photograph as the ‘food artists’ – the chefs that have created these dishes are just as particular as I am about their craft.
Compared to press photography, you are also afforded that most luxurious of commodities; TIME. Time if you need to reconstruct an image, to tweak & play with different lighting techniques & to dust off the many macro (close-up) lenses that I carry. In the past couple of weeks, two such food shoots really stood out & couldn’t be more different from each other.
The first was a shoot at ‘101 Thai Cuisine’, a truly traditional taste of Thailand in Hammersmith, west London. This was a two-fold shoot during a busy Friday evening’s service. Firstly, I was to shoot the deliciously colourful dishes being prepared in the mad busy kitchen. A kitchen perfectly formed for the slimline Thai fingers of the chefs in-attendance; less-so for my rather stockier physique!
During my time in that tight kitchen, I almost ruined at least three dishes with my camera bag swinging about behind me…
The food was exactly as to be expected, an explosion of colour on the plates in front of me.
Part two of the shoot was to photograph my journalist & her lucky, lucky friends enjoying said cuisine in the main restaurant.
No caption necessary here. Just look at those faces.
For further reading, the full article was published in this past Friday’s Independent.
The second such shoot was an early morning session at ‘Honey & Co’.
Situated just off the bustling Tottenham Court Road, this small middle eastern gem is getting rave reviews for it’s beautifully crafted dishes.
This was an alltogether more relaxed session where I pretty much had the run of the place before the bustling lunchtime service began.
My hosts; co-owners & head chefs Sarit & Itmar had crafted a stunning selection of dishes for me to photograph.
The attention to detail at both restaurants was pretty spectacular with every speck around the plates drawing my eye.
For further reading, the full article was published in the Metro.
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