The Studio Sessions


It’s been an extremely busy month here at LynchPix Towers where for the past fortnight, i’ve found myself  in the clean, surgical environment of the studio. It feels like i’ve been practically living in a box!
There have been some really challenging shoots, amongst the usual array of headshots & cutouts in that time. Two in particular really stand out & couldn’t be different so far as styles go. The first was a high-concept shoot with author Susanna Quinn. Susanna lived in Japan for a number of years & has written a book about the hostessing subculture & the underworld activities associated with it entitled “Glass Geishas”.  By all accounts, it’s a great read (although I haven’t had the pleasure myself as yet).
Author portraits are something I shoot frequently, but this was to prove very different. We were to turn this tall, slim blonde actually into a geisha complete with authentic makeup & traditional silks.
This is what we started with before the expert hands of make-up artist Sophie Brewin got a hold of her…
Sophie worked her magic using traditional methods to build up the layers, then we handed over to stylist Jerry Khan whom had sourced an amazing array of props including an original antique kimono & parasol.
I was a little aprehensive heading into the shoot, but the team really pulled off an amazing transformation. It made ‘Image Of The Week’ & we got a lovely double-page-spread to boot.
My next fave was with the character that is Tina Malone.
She was in to see us after having a gastric band fitted & losing a ton of weight. Off the back of her weight loss, Sky Living were following her around for a new show. The problem with losing such a drastic amount of weight is that the loose skin remains. She was telling us of the many procedures she had lined up to ‘nip/tuck’ what was left, but for the right now, we had it all to deal with- and for editorial to boot where post-production work is pared down to bare minimum.
We tried a few outfits that our stylist had provided, but she just didn’t look 100% comfortable in them, even after we resorted to sitting her down on a box, so she changed into clothing she brought herself & instantly looked relaxed either standing or seated.
From difficult beginnings, we carved out a great set of images with lots of flattering spills of light picking up her best assets. Another successful shoot wrapped making ‘Image Of The Week’ once again & another full colour double-page-spread!
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